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New Mendel - Newbie question

Posted by rankbajin 
New Mendel - Newbie question
April 11, 2011 07:00AM
Hi All,

I'm new here, so forgive me if I'm asking stupid questions.

Over the last couple of weeks I picked up most of the parts for my Mendel and over the weekend I began my build.
The build went remarkably smoothly, thanks to the (for the most part) detailed instructions on the wiki and my machine is all but complete. The only place I went wrong in fact was when I misread an instruction or two... so noones fault but mine.

I am still missing a few pieces due to a delivery times and a lack of understanding about what was required ( M4 insert for extruder... DOH!!)
Also waiting for Gen6 electronics and hot end to arrive.

My question is over the new motor bracket for the X axis. I bought the plastic parts from RepRapLtd (very fast service) and they included the new bracket, but when I connect the motor the gear is not lined up with the bearings for the X axis. This is due to the gear having a shoulder and the bracket being thinner that the others I guess.
Obviously I can use some form of spacer to raise the motor by approx 10mm but I just want to make sure that I'm not missing anything simple .

Other than that everything looks fine .. can't wait for the rest of the stuff to arrive so that I can start playing!

Re: New Mendel - Newbie question
April 11, 2011 07:39AM
The pulley is mounted with the flange downwards so no spacers needed.

Re: New Mendel - Newbie question
April 11, 2011 08:17AM
Ahh, didn't think about that but it makes much more sense now !

thanks for the help.... may be able to play a bit using my arduino board now while i wait for the electronics to arrive :-)
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