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Polycarbonate nozzle buildup

Posted by 3DS-QUAD 
Polycarbonate nozzle buildup
January 02, 2018 07:53PM
I've designed a piezo mount to get some autolevel setup, was going to use polycarbonate filament. There is a globule of filament which builds up around the nozzle often breaking free wreaking havoc. Have never had this issue with abs,
what is the cause of this. any steps to resolve the issue. Layer height seems okay and extrusion is calibrated retract is 7.5mm not sure what to do about it.
Re: Polycarbonate nozzle buildup
January 17, 2018 09:06PM
if you go to filaments.ca they have a spot on their site with tips on printing with different filaments...try increasing print speed filament temp adjust and cooling speed and retraction
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