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Arudino or "standart" electronics?

Posted by Assargadon 
Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 04, 2008 01:18PM
I'm going to bild some kind of non-McWire RepStrap (description here: [forums.reprap.org]).

I have 2 possibilities to built the control circuits: PIC-based or Arduino-based electronics. What should I use for my project? How can I make this choice?
Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 04, 2008 04:43PM
hey, good question. here is a wiki page that talks about the differences:


personally, i would recommend the Arduino Electronics. keep in mind i'm biased having developed them, but there are some major technical advantages to this design. not to mention they were designed with some of the failures of the PIC design fresh in mind.

that being said, both designs definitely work. anyone care to speak up for the PIC designs?
Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 04, 2008 05:19PM
Hot topic question I'm a big PIC fan used them for years really like them, very versatile. But I'm also fortunate enough to have all the programming stuff etc so most of the problems people have had i don't expect to be a problem for me.

That been said i prefer the Arduino overall design with 1 micro controlling all three axis with that also maybe doing the extruder but with the option to token ring more if required, they are cheap and program very easily, my main reservation was with expandability but with the "wring" (think i got that right) as a bigger cousin it would seem that covers the expansion options, the on board USB also makes the system good for future as I'm sure Zach or someone will write a USB host interface if not done already which will make the electronics more usable on laptop etc with out the need for a converter.

That been said the PIC stuff looks fine it just seems to be the compiler and programming that is an issue and that is only an issue of buying the right stuff and while programmers etc are cheap they are not free and you do tend to get what you pay for.

Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 04, 2008 05:39PM
I bought a special old notebook with com and even lpt ports special for this project (except the ports, it's not so pity to destroy it with my experimenting...)
Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 05, 2008 05:59PM
Hi. I've built the PIC boards for my own machine and didn't have many problems that weren't my own stupidity. As Ian pointed out however, the only problem is the programmer. It only cost me bout $40 but it hasn't had any problems and now I'll have it for years. Good investment for me as I'll end up using it again.

However, I'm doing a school build of a RepStrap and chose to go the Arduino route based on Zack's recomendation. The smoother driving of the steppers was huge factor as well as the fact that you have one micro controlling the lot. Haven't built them yet--just ordered all the parts so we'll see soon--but I have high hopes for those.

My two bits.

Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
January 05, 2008 09:13PM
one key thing to mention is that the Arduino based electronics have a few critical technical advantages over the PIC boards other than being easier and more user-friendly.

* chopper style stepper driving - much smoother, you can drive nearly any bipolar motor with these by simply adjusting the trimpot to the desired level.
* ADC converters - direct measurement of the temperature. no timer based measurement. its faster, probably more accurate. not to mention you can easily upgrade to a temperature measurement system like a thermocouple (i'm already working on it...)

theres probably another one, but i gotta go...
Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
March 23, 2008 09:11PM
This might not be the right forum but.. Can the parts lister tool be used to produce a parts list for the arudino based setup yet? I seem to have ordered all the parts necessary to build a PIC based reprap by mistake but I have the V1.1 version PCBs and would be happy to work on a parts list for the arudino based setup if it's needed

Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
March 23, 2008 10:30PM
Its already there. I have used it myself. Good looking out though!

Re: Arudino or "standart" electronics?
April 06, 2008 11:20PM
Oops my bad, Arduino based electronics, I see it there now

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