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Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot

Posted by waken 
Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot
January 05, 2018 06:00AM

I've been thinking about making myself a new 3D printer and I quite like the simplicity of printers like TronXY or Printrbot Simple, but I don't like that the printbed moves in X or Y axis.
I wonder whether it would be possible to make something like this:

It reminds me scara printer but it's not quite that.
I'm thinking that the printbed would move only in Z axis and the arm with hotend would combine linear motion and rotation. With combining these 2 movements it would create square print area.
Do you think it would be possible? Have you seen something like that? I cannot find anything similar besides scara printers.
Re: Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot
January 05, 2018 08:12AM
It's a scara with a moving bed. It will have the same advantages and problems as a scara.

Re: Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot
January 05, 2018 08:49AM
Yes the motion is very similar to scara but I’ve never seen scara without joint on the arm.
I’d like to replace that joint with the linear motion.
What are usual problems of scara printers?
Re: Similar style to TronXY or Printrbot
January 06, 2018 01:35AM
It's more like a polar printer with a moving arm instead of printbed.

Anyways, usual problems with SCARA (or systems that don't use linear math; scara, delta, polar) are the inconsistent speed and resolution across the print volume. Other problems include a lack of rigidity. Swinging a large cantilever around causes a fair bit of ringing. I'm not entirely sure why you like the printerbot or tronxy x1 kinematics so much, but if you want to get rid of the moving bed you could just move the XZ assembly instead of the bed. Not saying it would work too well, you'd have the same issue as before with swinging cantilevered mass around but you'd have much simpler and more consistent kinematics.
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