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24v Bed

Posted by Falcondestroyer123 
24v Bed
January 18, 2018 10:43PM
HI everyone would a 24v heated bed work on a Ramps 1.4 a with a Arduino Mega 2560.
Re: 24v Bed
January 19, 2018 02:16AM
Only with a separate PSU and a DC-DC SSR or an external MOSfet to switch it on/off
Re: 24v Bed
January 19, 2018 02:56AM
Could the I mod the Ramps 1.4 to 24v and will the arduino board handle that voltage?
Re: 24v Bed
January 19, 2018 07:10AM
yes and no.

read RAMPS_24v carefully.

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Re: 24v Bed
February 01, 2018 01:55PM
I used a 24V 450W bed on a printer and would never do that again. Go with line power switched by an SSR. The SSR won't need a heat sink and you won't have to worry about burning up your PCB or MOSFETs with the high current that a 24V bed will need. Add an electrical fuse and a TCO for safety.

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