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Marlin not printing through pronterface

Posted by Dr_aia 
Marlin not printing through pronterface
February 11, 2018 08:44PM
I have a custom built 3d printer, I have been trying to finish the process of making it work and everything works finally! Except I cannot print anything. The printer has no heated bed, the extruder comes up to heat and holds fine, all the motors work, I can manually extrude plastic. When I load a file into pronterface my printer will home all the axis correctly and then stop. It just sits there for hours, saying its printing on pronterface but doing nothing. The heat shows the target temperature and my firmware is set to allow that temperature. I am running marlin on ramps 1.4 with a reprap discount full graphic lcd display. I cannot print from sd due to an idiotic placement of my lcd and the bed moving in a direct line into the sd card. My printer is configured so the heated bed moves up and down on the z axis, x and y move in their respective directions at the top of the printer. I have end stops at both ends of each axis, and my power supply is more than adequate to supply power to the printer. 600 W at 12 V with no fans and only the extruder and motors connected to the ramps. I have a separate control system and power supply running a cooling fan over the top of my ramps 1.4 and running a few chamber fans that circulate the air to keep an even temperature.

I am sorry if I included too much information but I figure it is better to say to much than not enough. To recap in short pronterface will work for doing everything but it freezes after loading a file to print and homing. (I have tried using slicer separately to produce a gcode file and loading that into pronterface as well as trying 3do and stl files directly through pronterface)

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Marlin not printing through pronterface
February 11, 2018 11:07PM
Your slicer is probably setup for a heated bed

So it generates gcode with commands like M190 (Wait for bed temperature to reach target temp)

The machine will happily wait for ever for the bed to come to temperature.

load up your gcode in a text editor and search for M190, if its there... you need to fix your slicer so it doesn't add these
Re: Marlin not printing through pronterface
February 12, 2018 06:26PM
Thank you! I will try this as soon as i can figure out how to edit my slicer settings.
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