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Possible to query TMC2130 for CFG4/CFG5 settings?

Posted by tbeaulieu 
Possible to query TMC2130 for CFG4/CFG5 settings?
February 18, 2018 09:06PM
Hello, I have v1.0 controllers and I'm trying to reconfigure them to work with marlin. Removing the resistor to enable SPI is easy. The teensy, tiny jumper pads for cfg4/cfg5 is an entirely different story. I have one working, but the second is not. It won't try to home. I can move the axis manually, but it seems like it's not sensing current and therefore won't try to find home.This is switch-less homing, btw.

If I swap the controllers the problem moves. So ... there are three variables (three jumpers). Is there a way to narrow down the problem, like with gcodes? I'm crazy new to this. I'm guessing it's one of the soldered jumpers because they're insanely small and hard to see with a loupe, never mind solder.
Re: Possible to query TMC2130 for CFG4/CFG5 settings?
March 15, 2018 07:04PM
I never did figure that out, but did prove that the board was bad. Switched to Wetterot which come correct. Too irritated with Fytec to give them more of my money for the v1.1 version after they figured out they screwed us on the v1.0s.

Also M122 gives the registers, and while I don't understand what the values mean it's a quick way to spot a driver that's not playig nicely with SPI because it will have all FFs or 00s.
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