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RAMPS Re-ARM TMC ESP8266 Mks TFT 24 DC42 Fil-Sensor Smoothie

Posted by Power3DPrinting 
RAMPS Re-ARM TMC ESP8266 Mks TFT 24 DC42 Fil-Sensor Smoothie
June 02, 2018 03:08PM
Hi, took me a year to really get the hang of 3D modeling and building my own 3D printer but now I'm looking to modify its electronics which leaves me rather surprised there isn't a guide to help move the 3D printing community along from 8bit pixelated lcd's to 32bit touch screen wifi heaven. I've got most of these ingredients laying around so if anyone could help guide me through hooking everything together that would be a big help and might also help a lot of other people as well!

1x RAMPS 1.5 looks nice without the poly fuses and the smd mosfets help give me a little peace of mind, essentially still a RAMPS 1.4 but heading in a pleasant direction I don't mind supporting
1x Re-ARM 32bit board, one of the cheapest smoothie running boards I could find, I like the idea of supporting RAMPS associated products and I don't think the smoothie guys will lynch me as they would some Mks users I've seen... not sure what they have against them :/
2x TMC2130 256 stepper drivers for X and Y axis core noise cancellation and can detect skipped steps, act as an endstop, switch into spread cycle mode, everything, lots of nice RAMPS wiring guides but from what I hear, smoothieware won't support them and TMC2208's are required, can anyone confirm and explain? I heard this from some people who had conflicting interests for me to buy their tmc 2208's so I'm pretty skeptical. Also, great news, there are guides for wiring up the TMC2130 for LCD users on the RAMPS! WOOO!
2x A4988 16 stepper drivers for extruder and Z axis, cheap, simple, reliable, won't make an annoying scream *cough cough* DRV8825 *cough cough* and will help keep this project's budget down
1x ESP8266-01 for wifi, chris's basement has a nice tutorial for wiring up one to RAMPS and I think it could also attach to some break out pins on the Re-ARM freeing up Aux 1 for a Mks TFT 24 touch screen
1x Mks TFT 24 touch screen, tiny touch screen with an SD card reader and ARM chip, most importantly, costs only a few dollars more than a RepRap full graphics lcd which makes it a contender to replace it if the price drops further, the sd card reader is handy, I think there are ways to add a wifi module to the touch screen itself but I haven't found a guide for that so one step at a time. Also, the ARM chip means minimum strain on the RAMPS board if you choose to still run an 8bit Arduino. All in all, it looks nice and fits on my machine, so I want to use it and support cheap touch screens.
1x DC42 This is my choice of autobed leveling mini ir sensor, guess it's time to mention I have a serial SCARA based machine that is intended to print off the floor or tables as a mobile furniture printer, it should still work for almost any printer and auto bed leveling really should be standard on all large/medium printers these days
1x mechanical endstop as a filament sensor, not my brightest idea but if you're printing a chair, kind of important for your machine to not reenact avatar the last air bender near the end of a print

Mixing and blending all this stuff together looks to be a lot, I'll be micky mousing everything together over the next week or two and update with a few pictures but until then, any help with firmware, wiring, or sharing a link would be an epic time saver as I'm frankly biting off way more than I can chew. Thanks!
Re: RAMPS Re-ARM TMC ESP8266 Mks TFT 24 DC42 Fil-Sensor Smoothie
June 03, 2018 12:28PM
List of installation and part guides that might not be found by a simple google search (I'll update this as new videos and websites come to my attention):

RAMPS 1.4-1.6 reviews
[www.youtube.com] <-- Alex Kenis, great RAMPS and other tech related channel, very underrated

Re-ARM Board Quick start (amazed there aren't videos for the Re-ARM board)

TMC2130 install (lots of videos, take your pick and enjoy)
[www.youtube.com] <-- Thomas Sanlander, nicely edited and ideal if you're not using an LCD on RAMPS
[www.youtube.com] <-- If you want to use TMC2130 with an LCD on RAMPS by Zecky Coyote-King, this works for cloned TMC2130's as far as I can tell
[www.youtube.com] <-- Alex Kenis made his video first and does show that yes, dodgy soldering over the LCD extension does apparently work, wow wow

ESP8266-01 Programming and Install for 8bit Arduino, no formal videos exist pertaining to smoothieware but since the interface being used is specifically installed on the wifi module in the form of ESP3D that no main firmware changes are needed for your machine
[www.youtube.com] <-- chris's basement

Mks TFT 24 Install (Assuming it is similar if not identical to the TFT 28 just more compact, there is barely any documentation on touch screens in general)

DC42 mini ir guide (yes more reading, general idea is that you want to position it close to the print floor like an inductive probe, there are some thingiverse 3D printable mounting options as well)

Filament Sensor for Marlin (smoothieware has something similar but I have yet to have found a formal install guide on the matter)
[www.youtube.com] <-- fresh out of render from chris's basement, great channel, worth a look at
Re: RAMPS Re-ARM TMC ESP8266 Mks TFT 24 DC42 Fil-Sensor Smoothie
June 04, 2018 02:58AM
One day soon, our kids won't be able to bind their shoelaces without a YT video sad smiley

Re: RAMPS Re-ARM TMC ESP8266 Mks TFT 24 DC42 Fil-Sensor Smoothie
June 04, 2018 10:58PM
haha, yeah, 50 years ago they were teaching kids to tie their shoes in comic strips and newspaper funnies

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