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Aluminum Plate 330x330

Posted by Falcondestroyer123 
Aluminum Plate 330x330
June 16, 2018 09:50AM
Hey guys i want to buy a aluminum plate as a replacement for glass but is 4mm good enough? Where is a supplier which i can get in Australia

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Re: Aluminum Plate 330x330
June 17, 2018 01:13AM
It seems there is a price break for cast aluminum plates around 6mm:
above 6mm the price rises and below 6mm it's more expensive, too.
Don't know if that's true for Australia, too?
Re: Aluminum Plate 330x330
June 17, 2018 02:40AM
My printer has a piece of ATP5 cast aluminium from calm aluminium in Sydney. Although the minimum thickness for the ATP5 is 6.35mm according to the datasheet on their website.
Re: Aluminum Plate 330x330
October 20, 2018 10:17AM
That's typical with a lot of plate, bearings, ect... It all comes down to order volume and standard parts. Example, electrical panels with knock outs punched in are cheaper than an identical panel without knock outs even though there is less labor in the part. Because people don't often order panels without knockouts so they don't produce as many.

As for getting the plate, look for a local metal supplier and ask if they sell drop pieces. It may not be the exact size you need, but chances are they will have something close enough and you can get it at or close to scrap price. They will often have material that is too cosmetically scratched to sell as well.
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