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SSR's for Heatbed

Posted by Govahnator 
SSR's for Heatbed
October 12, 2018 09:47AM
Hi all,

I am doing some research about the Fotek SSR-25DA, which seems to be a good choice for a 220v heated bed.
It seems like many on Ebay are knock off's, what a suprise. Interesting read about someone who disassembled some: [www.instructables.com]

He discovered that the counterfeit Fotek SSR-25DA he tested were of good build quality but assembled with parts rated for a 12A SSR not for the claimed 25A. The 40A version he disassembled was rated for 20A.

I quote the end of the article "The best solution is to 'assume' that the part you buy has been re-labeled and buy a SSR with higher current rating than you need. Buy a 40 Amp SSR to control a 20 Amp load, etc."

Now, 12A is enouph for the 2.8A required for my 220v 600w silicone heater and if i buy from a seller who has sold multiple and received positive feedback or at least no negative feedback it should be fine imo.

When looking on ebay i found the cheapest with the Fotek markings on it for US US $5.99, i also found the same SSR's together with the original Fotek Box in the advertising picture. The ones with the Fotek Box displayed are 3 times the price and we all know the pictures mostly don't mean a thing since multiple vendors use the same ones. So imo it doesn't make sense not to go for the cheapest if you are pretty sure either are counterfeit.

A different one i found looks like the Fotek, but in the picture(...) it does not have Fotek markings, which i kind of apreciate for knock off's.
What do you think?
If anyone can provide me with the seller they bought theirs from (China or Europe) is much apreciated, real Fotek or not. I also don't mind paying $20 if i know it is a Fotek for sure.

I found this one at a supplier that i trust, Robotdigg : [www.robotdigg.com]. It's rated for 10A but that should be fine.

Update: Seem even if you buy them AND the box comes with them, they might still be fake . Very interesting video here : [www.youtube.com]

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Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 12, 2018 08:47PM
Keenova sells genuine Fotek SSRs on ebay (at least they did when I purchased the heater from them).
Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 13, 2018 05:57AM
I think it's like HiWin linear guides. The originals are great, but there are so many knockoffs, it's best to avoid that brand completely because you never know what you're going to get.

Mouser lists 20 companies that make SSRs, so you don't have to buy the Fotek (knockoff) trash. I've used surplus Crydom parts in 3 printers and never had a failure of any kind.

Ultra MegaMax Dominator 3D printer: [drmrehorst.blogspot.com]
Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 15, 2018 02:34PM
I've used a couple of the TE (Tyco or Potter & Brumfield) SSRT-240D25 relays, good for 25A. They can be had used or NOS on ebay for $10-$15 (I think I paid $15 for two). I would only trust genuine name brand stuff for high current applications.
Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 16, 2018 03:18AM
Here's a range of SSRs from a reputable British supplier - not Fotec, but perfectly suited for our needs.

Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 16, 2018 03:49AM
Try ordering a Folger Tech SSR. Just make sure you have a cooling solution for it such as an active fan or mounted heat sink. I have their DC-DC SSR and it works, though it puts out quite a lot of heat. I recently switched to a BIQU style MOSFET module, which heats much faster. But my hardware is 12v, so I suspect using an SSR for AC switching would run cooler.
Re: SSR's for Heatbed
October 22, 2018 03:21PM
Hi guys,

Thank you all for your advice, i will listen and not risk the chinese stuff.

I ran into these panasonic 15A SSR's model nr: AQA211VL for a fair price ( Belgian conrad website offers them for € 19,49 incl. tax)


Don't think i can go wrong with these now can i, will run on +-2.7A with my 600w Heater. This means 5W heat (loss) generation, not sure to use a heatsink.


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