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Nozzel Clean routine

Posted by dutchengineer 
Nozzel Clean routine
October 19, 2018 12:29PM

today I enabled the nozzle clean routine in Marlin. I mounted a small brass brush on the side of my printer table and enabled and configured the printer clean routine in Marlin.
The printhead is moving to the brush and then makes a number of moves over the brush, cleaning the nozzle. This works...well, rather good, but........
The routine in Marlin lets the printhead make a zig-zag move a number of times. You can set the kind of moves and the number of times you want it to rub the nozzle over the brush.
Just works great, only, because the printhead follows the same path twice (it starts, then follows a chosen path then moves back the same way), it deposits the debri on the way up, but then picks the debri that was left on the brush up again, on the way down.
That doesn't help much.
As I see it, the nozzle cleaning routine should:
  1. Follow a different (random) path while it is over the brush so at the end it doesn't pick up the debri it left at the start. Or just follow the path ones then lift the nozzle a bit and move back to the start again.
  2. It would be nice if one could activate the nozzle clean routine from the menu. Or maybe like:Pause print, Stop print and then add: Clean Nozzle
  3. I see now that mounting the brush on the table is not such a good idea. Better mount it on the gantry, where it is always on the same level as the nozzle is. Then you can clean the nozzle a few times during the print also.

As I said, a nice routine, I'll keep using it. At the start of the print first clean the nozzle.
I would love hearing your comments?
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