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Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed

Posted by PhatFil 
Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed
March 21, 2019 03:57PM
Hi All, im a newbie to 3d printing and everything it involves. Im building a CTC I3 A8-w5 kit, and am slowly getting it together, but i had a mis-hap cutting the first belt length as the belt had slipped off the drive cog and when pulled taut for cutting resulted in a useless length getting cut, and with only 1.5m supplied in the kit i only had the material for the single axis.

my attempts to measure the belt resulted in an off 5.35mm width and 1.9mm pitch, so i assume its a 6mm GT2 2mm pithc belt, and that is what i have ordered.

My questions are :
Should i replace the belt i have already fitted, with the new belt material when it arrives?
And have i ordered the right stuff?? and if not what is it i should be looking at using..
many thanks in advance..

Phil K

btw i have googled for specs on the kit/belt without success and the instructions(english) comprise of a parts list that describe 1.5m of belt, and pictograph instructions in 20 odd steps to build.

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Re: Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed
March 22, 2019 01:34PM
As long as the material is not 'plastic' like the ANET machines use, it should be good. 6mm x GT2 2mm sounds right.

I had to replace with some belt made of rubber with embedded fibers to clear up a nasty surface wave that the plastic belt imprinted.

After a while you will end up with a box of parts and materials.
Re: Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed
March 22, 2019 09:57PM
Thanks, I was 90% confident i had made the right choice but being a total newbie and unfamiliar with everything 3d printing there was significant enough doubt to warrant the ask..

I am beginning to wonder how many of the kits sold actually make it to completed working machines.. Mine almost got flung down the garden a couple of times..

the pictogram instructions made sense after the fact but involved a LOT of trial and error.

After about 8 hours building and rebuilding, all that remains is the belts and the final wiring/cable sorting.. then the real battle begins happy happy joy joy!!
Re: Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed
March 25, 2019 11:30AM
fwiw belt has arrived and it looks like a good match winking smiley
Re: Cheapest kit build..belt advice needed
March 26, 2019 01:19PM
Good luck and welcome to 3D printing, years of frustration await !!

I mean, "learning".

I just need to turn this learning into MONEY !
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