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Possible power supply or eeprom issue? Marlin bugfix 2.0 on Anet_v1.0 (A8)

Posted by FenriX 
Possible power supply or eeprom issue? Marlin bugfix 2.0 on Anet_v1.0 (A8)
April 18, 2019 11:20AM
The printer is an Anet A8, everything is standard:
- the ACDC is setted on 220V (I'm in Italy, so the setting is right)
- the board is an Anet_V1.0
- I always keep the bed turned off, i print with gluestick on glass only in PLA, i don't need it, plus i burned it twice and i'm tired of soldering it
- I just connected 2 TL-smoother on the X and Y axis, the one at this link: [www.amazon.it]

The firmware is the latest Marlin bugfix 2.0 but i also had problem with previous version of the firmware, such as 1.1.9, bugfix 1.1 and the first one I installed, the 1.1.8, long ago.

I have 2 problems:

the first one is with the temperature drop after the first layer (something lot's of user have with this printer, but I'm having this only recently, never had before)
Like others this is connected to the fan, reducing the speed of the fan to 70% the drop is reduced significatly, but still the temperature drops by 15°C at 70% of fan speed, it's too much!! Sometimes the print stops due to a runout...
So maybe it's a power supply issue.
The other problem I have is that sometimes the stepper get stuck at startup:
Sometimes at startup i try to print something or i try to autohome the printer or to simply move the printer along any axis, I hear for an istant the stepper working but nothing move, the firmware get stuck and i can't do anything.
If this appens once I need to recompile the firmware to make it work again, so I think there's something wrong with the eeprom.
Moreover the fifth and last time this appened i had to reload the firmware i struggled a lot since the arduino ide wasn't able to comunicate with the printer, then the printer get stuck in a bootloop and finally i was able to load the firmware...

These two problems started approximately a month ago, the temperature drop is constant while the stepper that get stuck seems to be totally random, it's not connected to long or short prints, consecutive or single prints...

I really have no idea what this might be, it's seems to be a problem out of control, probably an hardware issue.
The printer is almost 3 years old, might it be that the eeprom and the power supply are both abandoning me?

I really hope that someone can help me!
Re: Possible power supply or eeprom issue? Marlin bugfix 2.0 on Anet_v1.0 (A8)
April 18, 2019 02:00PM
Two videos to show the problem, I got it twice in less then an hour...

First part: [youtu.be]
Second part: [youtu.be]

In the first part there's the problem of the motor getting stuck, in the second part where i get problem loading the sketch again

EDIT: Actually everything works, just the drivers of the motors, i think, or just the motors... every time i try to activate a motor everything got stuck, even the reset button doesn't work (if i press it for long time it managed to restart the printer a couple of times, but only once or twice, than even pressing it for several second doesn't do anything, i can only unplug the printer).
It doesn't matter if i try it with the display or using octoprint, and obviously i have to disconnect the printer on octoprint and trying to reconnect fails looking for the baudrate

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