Pointers/change MKS 1.3 from 12v to 24vdc
June 30, 2019 01:24PM
Hey guys
I’m having trouble with my extruder hot end maintaining extrusion. It just stops extruding and the extruder cold end starts to skip with an occasional pop of the filament guide tubing out of the cold end extruder. I still haven’t gotten a print to succeed. ( the test xyz cube on Thingiverse) My system, by the designer I’ve chosen has a 24vdc MPS that is split. 24 VDC runs the heated bed just fine via a mosfet. The rest of the design has a buck boost dropping the 24 to 12vdc which runs my MKS sbase 1.3 control board with tft32 screen. I’m having what I think is a voltage/current issue when the hot end turns on. Hence my problem. I’ve had suggestions to solve this I just run the whole printer on the 24vdc, as it should have been in the first place. I have changed the fans out to 24vdc and the hot end cartridge too. The MKS board will run on 12 to 24vdc feed. The stepper motors and tft screen with receive the correct voltage by the MKS board as long as I’m within its supply spec. That all being said, I’ve had a comment about needing to re-tune my stepper current because of the change in voltage value I’m supplying to my MKS board. I would think that the values I have set in my config file in Smoothieware would still work just fine? Any comments? Im ready to give it a try. Am I correct in this assumption before my next test? Thank You! FYI this is the printer design I have completed. [repalmakershop.com]
Re: Pointers/change MKS 1.3 from 12v to 24vdc
July 02, 2019 12:29PM
So far as I'm aware, the MKS controller should run on 24V just fine.

The screen should be running off of an on-board regulated 5V, so supply voltage isn't an issue there.

12V fans get kind of excited on 24V and won't last long. Not recommnended. My MakerBot clone uses a 12V part cooling fan with a resistor to allow it to accept 24V input. You have that option for your fans, too, if you want to check your fan's DC resistance, and can match it with a high wattage resistor. Probably cheaper than 24V fans, but not always so easy to replace.

The heated bed, and cartridge heater for the hot end should be changed to 24V versions. You may also need to adjust your stepper drivers for current to keep your motors from burning out, depending on what drivers they are. The higher voltage should be good though. our motors will be more responsive, and faster.

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