box frame prusa i3
September 20, 2019 01:15PM
Hello all. Brand new here and to the 3d printing world.. Yes, i have owned a davinci jr1.0 printer that required propritery filament and software, i LOVED that printer, but those days are over. I now have a cr10. I have learned ALOT about 3d printers with this thing, but its time to enhance it a little bit more. I am a mechanical/areospace engineering student and have limited money but i want to build a 3d printer. My reasons for this are becuase when i build, i learn, i take notes, i document. its a BIG process for me.

I am here to hopefully get some questions answered.

First question. Is there a full blown tutorial somewheres, that shows how to build the box frame, all the parts needed(im in the USA) and how to put the prusa i3 box frame printer together? i have searched through the reprap pages and alot of the links are dead, so im kind of stuck.

ok, second question. IF the prusa i3 boxframe is to expensive or crazy to complete, is there a decent DIY $200 or so kit that has all the parts, requires some 3d printed parts, and performs decent. i dont need a production printer. it just needs to print nice quality but not prototype or anything.

im open to a good DIY kit or if the box frame prusa i3 works out, that is great as well.

Re: box frame prusa i3
September 23, 2019 03:02AM
A prusa isn't typically what people would call a box frame. It's more of a gantry/portal type framework. Secondly, they aren't very expensive, on the contrary. They're probably the cheapest frame design possible short of taking a prusa style printer and cantilevering the XZ axis.
Are you actually after a boxframe/cube style printer or a prusa/portal based design?
Re: box frame prusa i3
September 23, 2019 03:52AM

your probably to young to remember....

The Prusa box frame i3 was a for runner to modern Prusa machines that used wood vs an aluminium sheet.

Re: box frame prusa i3
September 23, 2019 04:00AM

full blown? no, you need to think for yourself. But there are instructions,

And some pictures []

But this really is a old obsolete design. I would not recommend this in this day and age..
Re: box frame prusa i3
September 23, 2019 11:19AM
I remember the box frames. They were an upgrade for those of us that got the POS acrylic gantries, but not great, and there are so much better designs out that can still be built DIY with woodshop tools.

MBot3D Printer
MakerBot clone Kit from Amazon
Added heated bed.

Leadscrew self-built printer (in progress)
Duet Wifi, Precision Piezo parts
Re: box frame prusa i3
September 25, 2019 01:01AM
Ahh, so that's what he meant by box frame. I thought he meant box as in a cube coreXY or similar. To me that's still a gantry/portal style machine even if the XZ gantry is built slightly thicker. But yeah, I wasn't really into these sorts of things back when that was more common.
Re: box frame prusa i3
October 26, 2019 01:54PM
Check out Lots of documented builds.
My Instructable using either a plywood or alloy frame:


My updated Instructable on our Prusa i3 Build
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