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Simplify3D, Octopi and Marlin 1.1.8 weirdness

Posted by dlc60 
Simplify3D, Octopi and Marlin 1.1.8 weirdness
January 08, 2020 05:50PM
I am running:
Simplify3D 4.1.2
Octoprint 1.3.12 on a Raspberry Pi 3B
Marlin 1.1.8
On a custom Cartesian (standard, not Prusa-style).
I am printing with an E3D Cyclops dual-filament, single nozzle hot-end using both the priming pillar and the dribble wall.

Here is what I see happening in various combinations...
I will send a file to the printer via Octopi and it will print the previous version of that file, not the one I sent.
It will print a previous file, unrelated to the file I just sent.
It will heat the bed, then start printing before the hot end has heated up all the way.
It will heat the bed, then start printing and never turn the hot end on.
It will do the heating correctly, but turn the part fan on layer zero even though the print does not turn the fan on until layer 3.

Usually I can get things to work correctly if I store to the SD card and print from the SD card.
But not always, the fan issue still occurs. Most recently, I have been seeing S3D stall out sending the file when I save it. The file write does not appear to end.

This very same setup will never work when using CURA 4., over the network to the Octopi. With this setup the head inevitably wanders to the far back right corner and pretends to print there. Usually printing CURA files from the SD card will work, but not always.

Has anyone seen this kind of flakiness in their systems using Marlin/Octopi/S3D or CURA? I am ready to replace the Raspberry Pi, since that seems to be the core of things, but maybe my printer controller has died. I have a Duet Maestro that may be replacing the whole lot pretty soon. It looks like my whole system is crashing...
I have to note that I have Octopi running on four other printers with no issues at all. Three of them running Marlin 1.1.8, one running a REALLY ancient version of Marlin, all on the most recent Octoprint version.

Thanks for your time,

Kits: Folgertech Kossel 2020 upgraded E3Dv6, Anet A8 upgraded E3Dv6, Tevo Tarantula enhanced parts and dual-head, TronXY X5SA Pro(E3DHemera).
Scratch: Large bed Cartesian, exchangeable heads, Linear slide Delta, Maker-Beam XL Micro Delta, 220x220CoreXY.
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