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Troubleshooting ramps 1.4

Posted by Usman1222 
Troubleshooting ramps 1.4
September 14, 2020 06:01AM
What would happen if i plug in ramps having nothing connected to it with arduino and then plug in the usb cable to the computer, then turn on the power supply to test the board?
Also is it safe to first connect usb cable to computer then turn on the power supply or is there some better way of using arduino with ramps?
Re: Troubleshooting ramps 1.4
September 15, 2020 02:12AM
That is the way to do it...upload sketch to bare arduino, then add the ramps, not while plugged in....turning psu on after usb connection is fine, if not the best way too do it, but it works both ways.
I had a little issue with my ramps setup last week, it was a bit of a pain to get every axis moving, in the end most of the issue was wrong cable on Z motor, changed that driver, and rewired the Y to get motor polarity & phase correct as that was a bare cable....but now it's all moving nice, it's on a ramps which was powering another machine till that had Z issues....I swapped it out... only to find the issue was a loose Z, so that may have damaged the driver I replaced, jiggling cables, or plugging in steppers shouldnt be done while on.

I also use Matter Control but because the driver of the arduino was an arduino driver...and for the life of me I could change it(i've done it before but its hit n miss) Matter Control Didnt recognize or instal driver....so I started Repitier which I never use so it wasnt configured but it could see the machine no problem and movement was quick to follow.

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