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Head banging time....

Posted by aamcle 
Head banging time....
November 05, 2020 10:53AM
I've been building a Ultimaker type printer, box frame 3030 extrusion all assembled, the Z axis is working well. However I found the X/Y rotating rods (from China) had some wobble, I must not have checked carefully enough when I first fitted the rods.
3 out of 4 sound like a train clunking over points when rolled down a mirror...... No I haven't picked it up holding the rods!

Frustrating but also an opportunity, as I have to replace so much of the motion system I could change the X/Y design.

Is there anything you would recomend? The frame is 400*400*600 which I think makes it a bit big for CoreXY.

Atb. Aamcle

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Re: Head banging time....
November 06, 2020 05:42AM
Resolved, I'm going to build using the traditional Cartesian motion system.

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