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New printer problems

Posted by wildone 
New printer problems
April 24, 2021 10:25AM
I just purchased and built an HE3D K280 delta printer. The build went reasonably well and (almost) everything works.

This uses a Makerboard MKS Gen 1 V1.0 controller with repetier firmware.
Home is at the top of the gantry, and everything seems fine until I send it home. It seems the limit switches are not stopping the travel so when it reaches the top the steppers continue to try to move the carriages.

The firmware is the same as works properly with my other identical printer.
The limit switches on the new printer are NO, but the other printer is not here so I cannot compare the normal on that one. I have no reason to suspect the switches are opposite.

Any ideas on what to check?
Re: New printer problems
April 27, 2021 07:02PM
Try using the M119 command to read the endstop states. (Assuming Marlin Firmware).
Re: New printer problems
May 17, 2021 03:34PM
I had already done the M119 for each limit switch and the results were as expected.

Don't know quite what I changed but I got it working so Thanks for the input.
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