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Assembling V6-clone hot end for first time

Posted by qrp-gaijin 
Assembling V6-clone hot end for first time
June 01, 2021 06:39AM
I have some questions about assembling a V6-clone hot end:

1. Is it correct that the threads on the cold end of the heat break should be coated with thermal grease, and the threads on the hot end of the heat break should be coated with anti-seize compound?

2. My hot end came with no thermal grease, so I bought some thermal grease intended for use on CPU heat sinks, to apply on the heat break threads. This paste is described as “HY-883-2g Thermal Grease: > 6.5W / mk cpu grease, sheet silicone grease, silver grease” that is “composed of carbon particulates that produce extremely high thermal conductivity”. Does this sound OK?

3. What would be a recommended anti-seize compound?

4. How do you ensure you apply an appropriate amount of torque when hot tightening? The advice at [wiki.e3d-online.com] says “3Nm of torque on the hot nozzle - this is about as much pressure as you can apply with one finger on a small spanner.” In practice, how do you measure that 3Nm of torque? Do you use a torque wrench before-hand to get a feeling for how much physical exertion is required to apply a torque of 3Nm, then simply use muscle memory to apply approximately the correct torque? Or are there any other ways of judging that you have applied enough, but not too much, torque?
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