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extrusion problem

Posted by yoonus_rox 
extrusion problem
November 22, 2021 02:34AM
hi, recently i took out my 3d printer which i havent used in a long time and when i started prining with it the filament gets blocked in the hotend.
i tried everything the internet has told me and none of th m have fixed the problem.

what i did:
  • increasing hotend temperature
  • reduced hotend temperature
  • increase fan speed to max
  • changed the heatsink cooling fan air flow direction twice
  • tighten the extruder
  • loosen the extruder
  • made sure that the nozzle isnt too close to the bed
  • shorten the ptfe tube
  • reassembled the hotend properly
  • reduced the flow rate
  • increased the flow rate
  • checked the extruder steps per mm

i use an e3d v6 hotend 0.4 mm nozzle with esun pla plus blue filament

can someone please help.

i have a feeling that there is something wrong with the heatbreak

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Re: extrusion problem
November 24, 2021 04:23AM
hi everyone, after a lot of trial and error i have finally found what caused the issue.
turns out the little ptfe tube that you find in the heat break was missing

so if anyone else has any extrusion problems with the hotend be sure to check out if your heat break has the little ptfe tube in it like the one in the file that i have attached
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open | download - download.jfif (11 KB)
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