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Reprap doesn't work on windows Repsnapper

Posted by keewhip 
Reprap doesn't work on windows Repsnapper
June 28, 2011 12:44PM
I just build a Prusa Mendel.
I configured the Sprinter Tonokip firmware and when I run Repsnapper I can control all the axis, heat the extruder and the heated bed, read the temperatures and run the extruder.

But I can't seem to print anything... Anyone knows a walkthrough or a tip?
Re: Reprap doesn't work on windows Repsnapper
June 28, 2011 03:52PM
have you loaded any Gcode into repsnapper? What do you create your Gcode with I use Skeinforge 41 as it has more options than Repsnapper then I just load them. But I turn off the nozzle heat in repsnapper before hitting the print button

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Re: Reprap doesn't work on windows Repsnapper
June 29, 2011 03:27PM
I had the same issue, but using Teacup. Single commands worked fine, but I couldn't get it to print. Sometimes the firmware and the host software don't like each other. I assume the FW is sending something the host SW doesn't know what to do with, or it isn't sending something that's expected.
Switch to send.py and see if that works for you. Don't know how it works on Windows, but I have printed over 100 hours now and never had an issue with send.py from Linux.
Re: Reprap doesn't work on windows Repsnapper
July 01, 2011 10:33AM
RepSnapper and Sprinter are a proven working combination.

If you are new to RepRap printing, this may be just a lack of education about the current state of things as far as what the various softwares actually do, and what they do well.

RepSnapper (All Versions and Operating Systems): RepSnapper has built-in capabilities for turning STL files into G-Code (commonly refered toas 'Slicing'), but the quality is questionable, unreliable, and in some cases broken, depending on the version and OS. RepSnapper also has the ability to Load G-Code files produced in other software. Skeinforge is the preffered software for this.

Skeinforge has controls for how high the nozzle tip comes up from the bed for the first layer, how fast material is extruded relative to the speed of the printhead over the bed, whether or not to go around holes when moving but not printing, controling temperature of the bed, and nozzle hot end during various tasks (parimeter, fill, etc...), cooling by fan, and many other functions, none of which are contained in RepSnapper.

When RepSnapper is used to send Skeinforge-generated G-Code, it behaves as a middle-man, simply passing along the G-Code, with none of its own settings being applied (a couple of exceptions are extrusion and speed multipliers during printing, as well as being able to make changes to the temperature settings). All of the Skeinforge settings are embedded into the G-code, so even if RepSnapper is not "aware" of the function it is performing, it will act on it according to what was configured in Skeinforge.

This is refered to as One-Off configuration, and has one main drawback: You cannot make changes once you generate the G-code. At least not easily. Aside from that, it does produce the best results, I think most here will agree.

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