Original BCN3D RepRap BOM/STLs
November 02, 2022 01:32PM

I came across the original BCN3D RepRap the other day and would really like to build one. I was able to find a BOM and set of STL's for a later version (circa 2014) on GitHub but they don't seem to match the original design. Any chance that the original designs were ever posted somewhere other that GitHub? or would someone still have them saved? I reached out to BCN3D as well so I will post if I hear anything back from them as well.


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Re: Original BCN3D RepRap BOM/STLs
March 09, 2023 07:44PM
Looks like a derivation of the MendelMax, with a Prusa i2-style X axis: [reprap.org]

I did find this, which appears to have the 2013 version of the BCN3D printer: [drive.google.com]

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