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delta xy grinding noise on specific coordinates

Posted by muhbb 
delta xy grinding noise on specific coordinates
April 30, 2023 07:20PM
iam building a rostock type delta printer and i have problem when i jog a the printer on x and y axis
whenever the i reach the limit of xy movement which is in my case 170mm all steppers make a loud grinding noise only when the software indicates its from 150mm to 170mm

they make a very loud grinding noise and vibrating everything before reaching the max xy coordinates
first i thought its the bearing but the z axis movement on the same spots are quiet so i thought the problem are the steppers

i checked the bearings, linear rods and the belts all were fine. disassembled the sliders an everything to find out that th problem is the steppers on their own
not on a specific point on the liner rod as z axis movement is smooth its only the xy movement before reaching the max

also tried to modify everything on the code but to no avail
anyone can help please ?
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