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Reprap I3 need help setting up

Posted by Maddog 
Reprap I3 need help setting up
February 06, 2024 03:18PM
Ok hère we go. I’m totally new to the 3D printing. I acquired the reprap I3 from a widow. She had no clue or info about it. (No instructions in the box)
That as far as I go so far but not sure where to go from here.
- what firmware
- what program to use

When I plug in the laptop
I get a error: Max temp Bed (bed is cold)

I think that I wired the electric right since their no instructions or couldn’t find the exact video for the board provided in the kit.

Any explanation or guidance would be greatly appreciated thank you.
open | download - IMG_5583.jpeg (2.4 MB)
open | download - IMG_5584.jpeg (1.77 MB)
open | download - IMG_5585.jpeg (2.86 MB)
Re: Reprap I3 need help setting up
February 06, 2024 05:16PM
The bed thermistor wires are probably shorted together (very easy to do at the thermistor end)

The temperature sensor is a thermistor, which is just a resistor that changes resistance with temperature
It has a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the higher the temperature, the lower resistance it has.

A short would read maximum temperature
unplugging the bed thermistor should make the display read a very low bed temperature

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Re: Reprap I3 need help setting up
February 06, 2024 05:29PM
For testing and basic control use pronterface/printrun [github.com]

once you can send gcode commands to your printer

send M115 to get some basic information
then M503 to get a lot of the machines settings

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