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Reprap CAD plotting

Posted by greenarrow 
Reprap CAD plotting
February 20, 2008 11:53AM
I thought it might be useful for reprap to plot dxf CAD files (as used by the open source QCad). I've been working on a python program today that loads dxf files and plots them on my repstrap. It's using the pyRepRap module so it should work with any reprap whichever electronics type is being used.

The program plotting to screen:

The same file being plotted on my repstrap:

The resulting printout (hard to see because its a photo of light pencil marks:

Made a bit more visible:

The pyRepRap module does not support synchronised movement yet, so at the moment only straight lines along either the x or y axis can be plotted. As soon as I have the sync going then angled lines, circles, curves etc should be possible.

I will post the code one I've tidied it up a little and made it more usable.
Re: Reprap CAD plotting
February 20, 2008 12:38PM
very nice.

if you need any help with SNAP or have questions, the docs should be pretty good. if those dont answer your questions, then let me know because i have spent alot of time dealing with it and i understand it pretty well.
Re: Reprap CAD plotting
February 22, 2008 06:23PM
I think this nicely demonstrates that any machine that can make lego can make *anything*. Lego repraps are clearly the way of the future.
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