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need help with pronterface

Posted by aliaj00 
need help with pronterface
October 01, 2016 01:43PM
Hi guys,

I have the following issue with the Pronterface when i try to open slic3r settings.

Best regards,

open | download - pronterface-issue.png (133.4 KB)
Re: need help with pronterface
November 10, 2016 05:43AM
How to print a stl file from windows command prompt

Re: need help with pronterface
December 10, 2016 02:57PM
Good evening all
I also have a problem with pronterface, I have my printer since 2014, I would download STL files and put them through pronterface and save them in a SD card that I would put directly in the printer
Due to professional reasons, I was 8 months without using the printer, in the meantime my pc crashed and I lost all my files and programs. Today I managed to print some of the files Istill have in the SD card but nothing else. I tried to download pronterface but all it does is download something called python and nothing on pronterface, can someone be so kind to help me
Your Help is Greatly Appreciated

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Re: need help with pronterface
December 14, 2016 01:11PM
Windows & Mac versions: [koti.kapsi.fi]
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