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Posted by cat52 
November 29, 2016 11:55AM
Hello, this is to announce SqPronterface, a port/mashup of MacPronterface using Squeak (http://[squeak.org]).

The reason of this port is because MacPronterface have some UI bugs in the last macOS upgrades but the program appears to be lost the developer in mac, also I have some old PowerPC macs: an iBook G4 and a mac mini that I want to use instead of my MacBook Pro to control the printer so this version can work with Intel or PPC macs.

I tried to implement most of the features of MacPronterface such as graphics, macros, settings, etc..., but this version don't have SD support or calling slice programs.

You can download the program or the Mercurial repository with all the files needed in:

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