keeping assembly level and parallel
May 06, 2015 05:14PM
Ive got an i3v, and i am having to re-level and adjust the bed and X axis gantry after almost every print. The left side of the x gantry wont stop moving up during prints, making it non-parallel with the bed. the right side has stripped the plastic connector that the rod threads into.
My Z axis endstop wont stop moving around either, but im going to fix that with some glue instead of this kit ziptie.

anyone have some tips on how to lock down the axis'?

second question, my heated print bed came in horribly warped, does anyone know how to flatten it out? ive been running two layers of foam-core under it for insulation, but its still not flat with the glass.

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Re: keeping assembly level and parallel
May 06, 2015 07:37PM
my first tip for others with bed leveling and parallel issues is a little hotglue. the zipties that come with the kit for the i3v do not keep the endstops anywhere near the same place. my Z axis wavered by almost 2mm before glue.

second tip, through some hotglue into the rubber hose that comes with the kit to connect the z axis motors to the rods. this will firm everything up and give the rods something to stick to- they stretch the hose over time and become lose.

for anyone printing near the edges of the print bed, glue the X and Y endstops as well. for most people those aren't an issue though.
Re: keeping assembly level and parallel
May 10, 2015 06:51PM
Look for my post about building my I3V. There is an entry about using a nylon spacer as a coupling by drilling two holes for setscrews. I am on my not-so-smart phone or I would post the link..
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