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Need some advice

Posted by john stocks 
Need some advice
May 17, 2015 04:54PM
hello everyone need some advice iam useing slic3r and trying to get the best quality print i can anyone know how i can solve the lines and get a better quality print
open | download - IMG_2106.JPG (41.7 KB)
Re: Need some advice
May 18, 2015 04:41AM
You will always have visible lines with our 3D Printers. You can use a smaller nozzle and then print thinner slices. But they are still there, only smaller.
PS: HavenĀ“t tried it yet, but maybe you can use an iron to smooth the Surface? Put some paper between, or the PLA will stick to the iron...
- Try on your own risk-
Re: Need some advice
May 23, 2015 10:42PM

Acetone with ABS
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