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Black sludge

Posted by Rolfcore 
Black sludge
July 04, 2015 03:17PM
hey all. been printing happily for just over a month. But now i am starting to get some strange black sludge coming from the top of my extruder head. (see picture)
i think it is just old trapped fillament which has slowly boiled to death inside the head and is now coming back for revenge.
it is goopy when hot, cools quickly and becomes very brittle in seconds.

Should i be worried? wipe it clean and carry on? Preform an exorcist? call ghost busters? replace the head? give it a thorough clean?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Black sludge
July 04, 2015 04:46PM
Looks like fried to the crisp filament. Might want to break it down, clean it up and retighten the head. Could also be from curled up filament being caught up in the movement of the heads.
Re: Black sludge
July 05, 2015 02:57AM
Did you change the nozzle some time?
You have to make sure, the nozzle and the heat breaker ( not the alu-block ) make good contact when you tighten them, or you get this oozing hotend trouble.
Re: Black sludge
July 05, 2015 11:22PM
My Hexagon did the same thing. Even though I tightened it almost to snapping when hot, it still managed to loosen up on top and ooze. I cleaned mine offf by burning it off with a butane torch. Let it soak at 200 foa half hour and made sure the unit was so tight something was in danger of stripping. Yes, that tight. No ooze since
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