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Bowden tube doesn't stay in extruder

Posted by Sadu 
Bowden tube doesn't stay in extruder
July 06, 2015 05:21AM
Hi everyone,

I have had a Sunhokey Prusa I3 for just over a week, my first printer and I'm getting some successful prints out of it, I'm pretty happy. I thought I'd make the leap from PLA to ABS and give that a try.

While changing filament, I managed to break a tiny little metal gripper thing which holds the bowden PTFE tube in place. See attached image.

Now the bowden tube pops out as soon as the filament starts feeding, which renders the printer useless.

Does anyone know what that part in the picture is called?
Any ideas on where I can get one in New Zealand?
Or does anyone have a spare I could buy? I'd rather not wait 4 weeks for a replacement to come from China.
Alternately are there any other ways I could get the bowden tube to stay in place? I gather it's not a good idea to clamp it too hard as that would affect flow.


open | download - bowden.jpg (313 KB)
Re: Bowden tube doesn't stay in extruder
July 06, 2015 12:48PM
This thing is often used for pneumatics. It´s called push fitting ( most likely: PC4-M6 )
Just make sure, you grab the replacement with the right thread ( I´ve seen M6 or 1/8 ) and for the right PTFE diameter ( usually 4mm ).

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Re: Bowden tube doesn't stay in extruder
July 07, 2015 05:06PM
Great Olaf, just what I needed smiling smiley

I managed to work up a temporary fix using a random piece of plastic tube clamped down tight with cable ties. Should keep me going until the push fitting arrives.
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