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Acme rod

Posted by MammaAiuto 
Acme rod
July 30, 2015 11:31AM
Hello all, is anyone use this rod for leadscrew the one I both is acme" 5/16-14 rods "... those rods was buy at 3D branches, a 3D printer parts and materials company in Montreal... also they do not know how to set the Z steps per mm which for me seem to be a big mistake on her professional qualification (why sell something without a spec).... anyway is someone here use this rod and the number to write in the eeprom firmware

Thanks to helps me

Marc .
Re: Acme rod
July 30, 2015 06:12PM
5/16-14 is 5/16 in diameter (8mm or thereabouts) and 14 revolutions per inch, or 1 / (1/25.4 * 14) = 1.814285714285714 mm per revolution. Plugging that into the reprap calculator ([prusaprinters.org]) you get 1763.78 steps per mm, assuming 1/16 micro-stepping and 1.8 degrees per step (which are the defaults).

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Re: Acme rod
August 04, 2015 01:47PM
Thanks , Hmmmm logicaly it's seem good but it did not work .....I found the right number for my Acme 5/16-14 treaded rod ....it's 398.00 step per mm, maybe 400.00 but with all the other setting when I print a calibration bloc it's the best I can go for exemple a bloc of 10mm are with this number 9.97 high wich is ok for me now .

So thanks for your help and every day I learn more and more ....it's part of your knowlage, thanks you

Marc .
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