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wrong size prints?

Posted by muntahunta 
wrong size prints?
August 07, 2015 08:59AM
Ok. I am new to 3d printing and I have a huge problem.
I am trying to create a new spool holder because my current spool is providing too much resistance for the machine to pull filament from the spool.

I got a spool holder design from here.

I printed off the 80mm big spool last night and when I measured it it was actually 70mm from my machine.
So today I printed the 90mm and it came out 55mm

I'm confused.

I also can not connect to a computer due to a fault with the machine so using software to edit the firmware isn't possible.... and as I say, I'm a complete beginner.

In the images attached are my setup (also any tips to help my filament feed better into the machine would be great, using the spool provided with the machine it isn't bringing in enough filament.)
And also the two big spools (80mm on the left, 90mm on the right... obviously they aren't those sizes)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
open | download - 2015-08-07 13.57.50.jpg (248.1 KB)
open | download - 2015-08-07 13.57.14.jpg (311.6 KB)
open | download - 2015-08-07 13.56.33.jpg (127.8 KB)
Re: wrong size prints?
August 08, 2015 03:48AM
Your spool holder should work fine. If the extruder isnĀ“t able to feed filament, you have to find out why.
Driver current to low?
Stepper gear or idler gear not in line with filament?
Not enough or to much pressure on the idler bearing?

If you want to improve your existing spool holder, just add two bearings on the threaded rod and fix them with nuts and washers.
Big washers on the outside to keep the spool running on the bearings.

But the problem you should address first, is to get communication to the controller going.
Re: wrong size prints?
August 09, 2015 06:55AM
I have tried, there is another thread detailing he different things people have suggested and nothing works.
I have contacted the seller of the parts and she suggested that "the chip that controls the USB connection may be damaged"
A lot of help that does me...

I still have no idea how to fix my height problem, the X and Y axis' are perfect but he Z axis is printing wrong heights.
Re: wrong size prints?
August 09, 2015 08:54AM
Can you send files to the printer from the computer to print? Or are you using the SD card?

The reason I ask is, if you can send files to the printer your usb is fine. I've seem sometimes that newbies forget to disconnect their host (Ponterface or Repetier) from the printer before trying to upload new firmware.

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Re: wrong size prints?
August 09, 2015 12:26PM
Im using the SD card, I cant do anthing with the usb, however when I change the boards power to USB powered, the machine still turns on, so the USB cable works and it is connected, just the computer itself doesnt detect the hardware.
Re: wrong size prints?
August 09, 2015 04:53PM
Probably a "bricked" FTDI chip.

Probably easiest to replace the board with an Arduino/RAMPS setup

Re: wrong size prints?
August 10, 2015 04:12AM
i'd actually be quite worried about doing that. I have no idea what im doing with 3d printing yet and I built this from a "kit" which aint working too well.
Would the parts I have be compatible? (the LCD screen, etc)
Re: wrong size prints?
August 12, 2015 04:36PM
That looks just like my Hesine 505, I had a few issues getting my USB to connect.
First thing I did was copy the drivers to the windows folder( can't remember right off top of my head where exact that is) but It made
windows install those drives instead of its own, second set your port speed to 115200 ( IIRC)
I think I even had to go into the windows driver settings for that com port and set the
speed also.
If it dosen't match what is in the firmware it will not connect

Other than that little hiccup it's been printing like a champ.
I'm changing some things on mine to make it a little better, I also have a copy of the configuration.h file to
compile a new firmware in arduiono IDE if you need it after you get connected to the USB.
Re: wrong size prints?
August 15, 2015 06:35AM
Hey thanks, ill give this a go.
I've ordered a ramps 1.4 and mega board to go with it now, but I can use that for a new build (im waiting for some jumper connectors to come and trying to figure out what type of wire i need to connect the ramps to the power supply).
Ill update wether or not this works.
Re: wrong size prints?
August 15, 2015 06:47AM
is there any way you could tell me exactly what you did?
I've copied a lot of files over to System32/Drivers/
but still nothing.
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