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Flashing Marlin firmware? Migbot

Posted by FirstAvenger 
Flashing Marlin firmware? Migbot
October 30, 2015 11:12AM
So I have a printer kit, I'm told is the same kit as the Migbot with a different name.

I just completed the physical build, printer turns on, LCD displays, nothing caught fire!! yay!

So I have software that I guess needs to be installed before I do anything further......

Marlin firmware with large print and auto level support

Drivers CDM 2.xx

After doing a search, I couldn't actually find a specific how to flash the firmware guide, and the zip file I downloaded from the vendors site doesn't have any kind of executable to start it, or instructions for that matter. There are a ton of files in the zip, but nothing to tell me how to get it to the printer. If somehow I have missed this here somewhere, my apologies for asking a stupid question.

The drivers I presume are going to be pretty straightforward install, so that one I'm not worried about.

Is there a step by step here for the firmware anywhere I may have missed?

Re: Flashing Marlin firmware? Migbot
October 31, 2015 03:31AM
You probably need to install the arduino studio, load the marlin.ino file in it and check configuration.h, then upload the 'sketch'.

You may need ftdi drivers to communicate with the board or a vendor specific driver.

You'll need software to slice and send the gcode to the printer. Repetier host is a good one to start with.
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