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MakerFront i3PRO

Posted by Grom 
MakerFront i3PRO
November 21, 2015 09:55AM
Just bought, built, and printed with the MakerFront i3PRO. This is my first 3D printer, my first post on RepRap, my first print, etc.

In case others are going down the same path I did, here's how I ended up choosing the i3PRO:
1. I wanted a kit. I want to understand how these things work and I decided I wouldn't be able to get that from buying a pre-fabricated or mostly pre-fabricated printer.
2. I wanted a larger community of users to learn from while in my early, clueless days.
3. I spent a lot of time going back and forth between a cartesian design vs. a kossel design. I ended up choosing the former because I had the impression they were easier to calibrate. I could get my head around x, y, and z positions and I felt more comfortable since they're all mutually orthogonal, whereas with the kossel design I worried I wouldn't be able to develop an intuition about positioning control.
4. I wanted a steel frame. Years ago I learned to operate a proper milling machine (Bridgeport) and lathe. I don't remember much but I do remember being told that their massiveness and resulting rigidity allowed them to dependably machine with very high tolerance. So I could never warm up to the laser-cut wood or plexiglas frames I saw.
5. I wanted great technical support because, being a noob, I figure I will need it.

In the end I struggled between MakerFront and Wanhao even though Wanhao isn't a kit. I've had the i3PRO for less than a week but so far I am very happy with it.

I took some videos of my assembly and in the next couple of days will post them along with my thoughts on the instruction manual.
Re: MakerFront i3PRO
November 22, 2015 05:02AM
Looks good. I wish it were available when I was searching because there were no i3 steel kits available in the U.S. then.
Re: MakerFront i3PRO
January 13, 2016 11:34AM
Thank you for choosing our i3pro!

What types of filaments have you been using ? I have some great new items in !
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