Prusa i3 endstop wiring mistake
November 23, 2015 11:49PM
First, some backgorund information. I have the Folger Tech Prusa i3. I am using pla from atomic filament.
The printer has worked fine and i have printed many things. The hot end is set to 180 and the bed to 65. The PLA always adhered.
A few weeks ago I was fiddling with one the y endstop and i plugged it back into the ramps board to the right by one slot. The led on the endstop turned on even though it wasnt hit and it took a few minutes until i realized my mistake. I fried the voltage regulator on the Arduino.
The printer hasn't been working. The only way the print will stick to the bed is if it not heated. (I have yet to try blue painters tape). And i was using a reprap discount controller and now it is impossible to get a print with it because the pla never sticks to the bed. It almost looks like the extruder is jerking and not extruding smoothly. I can only print with repetier host.
My question is do you think i fried other components like the stepper, motor drivers, other parts of the arduino etc.?
Which part should i try replacing?

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Re: Prusa i3 endstop wiring mistake
November 24, 2015 11:54PM
I have figured it out. After 3 weeks of it not working I switched over to Blue tape and the heated bed off and it adheres amazingly to the bed.
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