New Prusa I3 Custom using 2020 Misumi
December 30, 2015 03:50PM
Hello All;

Quite a while back I got in on the $150 Misumi Deal. Well I have finally completed my first project using it. My project is a new Prusa I3, it is a cross between a standard I3 (if there is such a beast) and a Wilson TS. I designed all the parts myself using Sketchup. I decided to go with a Direct Drive Extruder. I am using a chinese E3D clone and it is working great, and it only cost $14, unbelievable. I have a COB LED light strip mounted on the underside of the top 2020 extrusion and it provides a lot of very nice lighting. I still need to mount the control panel, but I am waiting on longer cables to do that. I have a previous I3 I built from a kit, but this printer is wayyyy better. This printer is very stable and sturdy. I have 8mm rods on the back side to support the vertical frame and keep it from moving. I mounted everything to the 3/4 inch plywood. Below are some pics.


And here are a few of the items I just printed off it.

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