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Folger Tech 2020 i3 Printer Kit Heated Bed Issues will not heat up consistently

Posted by slimneill 
Folger Tech 2020 i3 Printer Kit Heated Bed Issues will not heat up consistently
January 16, 2016 11:18AM
Hi Guys,

I’m having issues with the Printer’s heated bed getting up to temperature fast once it's already been printing, even though the first heat up from cold is fast....

This is what I have noticed so far:
-Machine is the stock Folgertech I3 2020 with stock power supply and RAMPS 1.4, Repetier V1.6.0
-Everything installed as per directions.
-I print with ABS Headed Bed 95C, Extruder 225C
-On the first print of the day the heated bed heats up in above 5-7 minutes. Room is indoors heated room temperature
-On subsequent prints (meaning I only take a few minutes to set up the next part) I go to hit Print it takes much longer to heat back up again, 2x, 3x, 4x, over an hour, to raise the bed only 20-30 deg.
-I also noticed that if I hit E-Stop and then try to start a new print it won’t heat up quickly and sometimes it won’t turn the Extruder back on once the Heated Bed is up to temp.
-I've expereienced before (couldn't duplicate) that once i stop a print i had to manually turn on the extruder and heated bed, then hit Print inorder for the Ramps to start the heat up sequence, otherwise it wouldn't even turn the LEDS on the board.
-I don’t think I had these issues when I first got the printer. I haven’t used it much only had it up and running the last few weeks at it only sees maybe 10 hrs of printing a week.
-I noticed this morning, after getting frustrated with it not heating up last night and turning it off that on initial heat up the Red LED on ramps is solid for the heated bed and Extruder too. When I completed that test print (10 min print) and went to print the next test print the LED flickers on the RAMPS for the heated BED.
-I’ve tried unplugging from the wall, the USB, restarting Repeiter, etc and I can’t get it to consistently heat up quickly once it’s already warm. I’ve searched a lot of posts for Heat Bed issues but I’m not having the same issues with that heat bed not working/ Mine works fine the first time, it’s the rest of the times after that first time that its unreliable and frustrating.
-Is this a sign that the Power supply is dieing already? Is my Repetier Config file messed up? Is somethign on my RAMPS board flaky? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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