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Repetier or Marlin? Autolevel thingy

Posted by muntahunta 
Repetier or Marlin? Autolevel thingy
February 02, 2016 01:29PM
I've been running repetier firmware for the past 6 months now and i've had very few problems.

I bought an inductive sensor today in order to add autolevelling to my printer.

I proceeded to run through the repetier config tool using my old config file for reference and my new calibration settings on hand.
long story short, I went through the z probe points and updated the firmware and now my printer is taking forever to communicate and the z axis isnt moving.

I don't know if this is a problem with the z probe settings or human error or if the new firmware is the problem.

Anyway, am I better swapping to marlin or persevering with trying to sort out my problems with the new repetier firmware?

Im running ramps 1.4 on a customized prusa i3 variant. the z probe is a LJ12A3-4-Z/BY.
Re: Repetier or Marlin? Autolevel thingy
February 02, 2016 02:15PM
The problem I have found is that when I turn on "Invert enable signal (Z_ENABLE_ON)" the Z axis is not responding at all. the reason i have turned that on is because the z axis only moves while my sensor is activated (so i need to invert the enable signal right?)

all other axis' move fine.

any ideas?
Re: Repetier or Marlin? Autolevel thingy
February 02, 2016 08:23PM
i've finally managed to get the sensor and axis' working, yet the left side of the bed is still being printed slightly closer than the right side of the bed... the difference between printing and not printing infact.

autolevelling is new to me. any help?
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