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Prusa i3- New User Help

Posted by tricey27 
Prusa i3- New User Help
March 02, 2016 01:37PM
Basically I purchased a Prusa i3 last week in kit form with the GT2560 board. Have built it all up, setup limits switches and had a play but really cannot get it to print really. First it was having problems with sticking to glass, have tried hairspray, pritt stick and had it start a layer once. I then watched a video on youtube of someone using theres and extruding and theres seems to have a lot more flow then what mine is doing. Is there anyway of checking this please? And what do you recommend using to make it stick the first layer? I have levelled the glass to paper thickness and that seems pretty good now. But when I print a item it seems to just move around with a tiny bead of material coming out and getting clogged straight to the nozzle. Has anyone got a basic STL I could use and supply me with recommended settings for that item just to see if I can get anywhere? Any help in much appreciated.

Re: Prusa i3- New User Help
March 02, 2016 05:42PM
hi bud try pritt stick glue or blue painters tape works as well.
in slicr3 make sure you 1st layer hight is 02.5 then 2nd layer hight is 02 or if its 0.3 the 0.35

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Re: Prusa i3- New User Help
March 02, 2016 05:49PM
Re: Prusa i3- New User Help
March 03, 2016 07:18AM
Hi John,

Thanks very much for your help. I have adjusted this via the youtube link you sent me. Whilst I was doing this I had the extruder set to about 70mm from the bed and then pressed extrude 100mm. The PLA is coming out of the nozzle and rather then falling is just sort of curling in a U shape and sticking all over the nozzle. I will try attach a picture now. I think this could possibly be the problem also as that is what it does when trying to print something. Many thanks
Re: Prusa i3- New User Help
March 03, 2016 04:24PM
A partially clogged nozzle can cause the constant curling up issue that you are having.
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