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Aluminum frame screws popping out

Posted by David0 
Aluminum frame screws popping out
March 28, 2016 01:35AM
The heatedbed is attached to the aluminum frame on the bottom by four machine screws. The threads in the holes in the aluminum are made of small springs that are the correct size that are fitted into the aluminum holes. My problem is that one of these springs has popped out of the hole it was in, so the screw can no longer properly screw into the hole. The screw does still turn inside the spring, however the spring is not in the aluminum frame. I need to replace the spring back into the hole. I figured I could do this by putting a drop of epoxy adhesive in the hole, though that might inhibit the turning of the screw.
Are there any other suggestions on how I could securely fasten the springs backing inside the holes in the aluminum frame? The screws will still need to freely rotate to allow the adjustment of the heatbed height.
Re: Aluminum frame screws popping out
March 30, 2016 01:53PM
I think super glue is your friend here, even if it does end up in the threads, it isn't so strong that you won't be able to just thread the screw through it a couple times. if your really worried you can get a tap that matches the threads on the the screws, and run that through after the super-glue has dried.
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