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Prusai3 heated bed not working

Posted by woogie71 
Prusai3 heated bed not working
April 16, 2016 10:12PM
The heated bed on my prusa i3 will work if I tell it to preheat from the controller (lcd 12864) but wont if I;

send it a g-code from the computer,
change the heat temperature using the controller while it is printing from computer
tell it to heat from either printrun or repetier. I'm using marlin and RAMPS 1.4

Thermistor is giving correct value. Im a 3d printing newb so Im hoping its something simple that all the experts here will laugh at.
Re: Prusai3 heated bed not working
April 20, 2016 02:10PM
Through experimentation Ive discovered that the heated bed is only coming on when the extruder fan is told to run and vice versa. ie I can have extruder fan AND heat bed on but not extruder fan OR heat bed.
Re: Prusai3 heated bed not working
April 21, 2016 12:02PM
No other replies !!!!!
In the interest of trying to be helpful:-
When you say preheat from the controller can you confirm if this turns the hot end on as well ? If you go to the bed temperature controls can you get the bed to heat?
To be clear the fan on the hot end carriage blowing on the heat sink (cold end fan) is not normally controlled so is usually wired to be on permanently so I assume the fan you mention is the one intended to blow on the bed/extruder outlet. If that's the one then its controlled by the cooling settings in the slicer so you could have a look at those to check they are sensible.
However it does sound a bit like a wiring issue but I can't think what.
Are the temperature readings OK?
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