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Really, Really dumb question.

Posted by Slackdaddy 
Really, Really dumb question.
April 30, 2016 02:43PM
Soo, finally finished my P3Steel,,, and am lost.
I downloaded some sample "objects" they are STL files.
Reading up, an STL file is what a 3D printer needs.
I unzip and place my file on an SD card, the Ramps/Marlin/LCD sees the card, but not the "frog" file,, just "Dsystem volume info" which does nothing??
What am I doing wrong?

Also, will the STL print file set the heta (Bed, nozzle)? or do I manually set that before the print ??

I have searched, but all the "beginner" tutorials assume you know what you are doing sad smiley

Re: Really, Really dumb question.
April 30, 2016 05:15PM
The only stupid question is the one not asked....

An STL file, like you have is a shape file. It defines a shape in terms of the faces it is made of (lots of little triangles stuck together).
To print something, your printer needs a set of instructions, which is called a GCODE file (GCODE is the instruction language used).

To produce a GCode file from your STL file you need to 'slice' it. This is done in a piece of software called a slicer (such as Slic3r, Cura, Skeinforge). You run this software on your computer, tell it all about your printer, give it the file and it 'slices' the shape into lots of layers, and then writes instructions on how to print each layer. You can then save the gcode file onto the SD card and print from that, or use a piece of software called a host that will control your printer and send the file (such as Octoprint, Pronterface, Repetier Host).

I use Slic3r, and my Slic3r profiles for my P3Steel are here [github.com]

For more, read the Reprap incomplete guide, esp Section 3, [reprap.org]


Re: Really, Really dumb question.
April 30, 2016 05:51PM
Thanks for the heads up,
D/L'd Cura,, try to perfect getting PLA to stick to MK3 alum smiling smiley
Re: Really, Really dumb question.
April 30, 2016 06:50PM
Like I said,, I am really dumb.
I need to edit the config h file,, I am getting thermal runaway error, so I need to up the variable from 2-4.
I installed the Arduino software, hooked my printer up via USB,,,,,, And ??
all the "guides for dummies" go right into editing,, I have NO idea where the config H file is???
Is there a step by step guide ??
I mean, "STEP BY STEP"

Re: Really, Really dumb question.
May 02, 2016 03:00AM
configuration.h is part of the controller firmware (Marlin I assume). To edit/build/upload the firmware you need an Arduino editor, which you can download here > [solidutopia.com]

Once you've got the Arduino editor installed, download your Marlin firmware (https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin) to a directory, and open the Marlin.ino file with the Arduino editor. It should then load all the other files referenced from that file, such as confiugration.h as seperate tabs.

Check out the Marlin guide in the RepRap wiki [reprap.org]

Other usefull links

Hope this helps


Re: Really, Really dumb question.
May 02, 2016 07:13PM
I was thinking the editor could edit the Marlin firmware "ON" the Ramps board. As in hook up the ramp via USB cable, fire up the editor on the PC, go in change some settings and save it.
But what I am understanding is I can NOT retrieve what is on the RAMPS,, can only upload a "new edited" copy of the firmware to it.
Problem is, My "Kit" can from the supplier with all the parameters set up, I just want to change 1 thing.
So I need to get a copy of the firmware from the supplier, edit it, then upload ?

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