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Geeetech i3 Aluminum Issues

Posted by fuganter 
Geeetech i3 Aluminum Issues
May 05, 2016 12:16AM
So this is my first 3d printer and I am having issues with it.

I just built it and did all the tests, everything came out fine.

The first time I did "Auto Home" it went just fine. Now when I do it, the Y axis like grinds really loud and I have to turn it off. It is not hitting anything so IDK what is going on.

When I go to print, it starts to print then keeps going to the right. I am trying to print the floating nut to help with the z banding but idk what the heck it is doing.

Any help would be great.
Re: Geeetech i3 Aluminum Issues
May 15, 2016 09:23PM
sounds like y axis end stop not working or is reversed when you home any axis it should stop when it touches the microswitch unless they are optical and when you start a print all axes should go to home before it starts need to know the board etc for more help
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