Re: Questions before I begin building
May 30, 2016 04:55PM
No, I'm not going to fix them, I'm going to throw them away and start over. I will also include a lot of information that Folger "forgot" such as setting the vref on the servo drivers, and how to actually use the printer.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out a way to load and unload filament without plugging in my laptop. All I need to do is heat the extruder to 230, run the extruder forward or backward 50mm, and then shut the heater down. It occurs to me that this could be a pair of files on the SD card, but I don't speak G-Code. Seems time I should learn. Efforts to get repetier or pronterface running on my raspberry pi have gone nowhere, and like everything else in the 3D printing world, the available documentation would be more useful if it didn't exist.

On a related note, why the heck are the default temperatures for PLA so high? 219 extruder temp and 70 degrees for the bed? I run 210 on the extruder and 50 degrees on the bed with excellent results.
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