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Hello pursa i3 mk

Posted by Silverpathic 
Hello pursa i3 mk
May 25, 2016 06:05PM
Hello, after months of debating, china, ebay, self build. I wanted to Buy a kit and. Further development of a true builder Pursa himself. I was about to order when. The. Newest Model pursa i3 mk. Its 100$ more (fine) have to pay shipping (75$) more, wait 3 weeks more. Fine. Is it worth the spending 175$ more rather then. Buying from Amazon and UPGrading as needed. Actually w/e i waited longer then 3 weeks as it is.

From your knowlege is the mk. Worth the buy? Are the upgrade worth it? Larger print. Volume, better bed, better electronics. Whats your thoughts. I know i.can. buy one 1/2 price from. China but they stole it. This guy made. It.

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Re: Hello pursa i3 mk
May 27, 2016 09:46AM
I don't think anyone stole anything because this is Open Source project.

Price is usually a good indicator for parts used and China is infamous for using poor quality parts or even fake parts and scam you. [www.sparkfun.com]

I went and built one from scratch. Sourcing parts from local hardware stores and eBay. Very nice project, but has more work like making the wiring loom yourself. (All the wires are either too short or too long and have different connectors or no connectors at all.. smiling smiley )
I think buying a kit might be easier to build?

Just buy a kit made from metal frame and work your way from there, i think?
Re: Hello pursa i3 mk
May 28, 2016 09:09PM
From what I can see the original Prusia had a lot of plastic printed parts and threaded rod frames, so best to find an all metal frame version
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