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All aluminum X-Carriage and ends??

Posted by FirstAvenger 
All aluminum X-Carriage and ends??
June 27, 2016 02:05AM
Doing a rebuild, looking for an all Aluminum X-Carriage set up with ends. I've seen pics on Google, but they all seem to be from China. Anywhere in the US to source this?

I'm rebuilding a very defective Electron i3.

I'd also be interested if anyone knows of a T-Slot aluminum frame to replace the cheap plastic junk this thing shipped with.

After all the hassle I went through with this junk from 3dprintersonline.com, I decided to just bail and bought a Hatchbox Alpha Delta style printer from Amazon, AND got a 100.00 coupon for it through Amazon Prime and couldn't be happier. Yeah, at 799.00 it was the cost of 2 Prusa i3 kits, but I didn't have to spend almost 6 months getting nowhere and not able to print.

Now I'm going back through this piece of junk and rebuilding it, which is really just an all new build.
Re: All aluminum X-Carriage and ends??
June 30, 2016 01:00AM
It's not aluminum but you may find some helpful parts here.
Re: All aluminum X-Carriage and ends??
July 04, 2016 03:03AM
Yeah, I had originally looked at thingiverse for reprinting the original parts with 'upgraded' parts, but decided to pass on that when I saw an all aluminum carriage advertised for sale on a couple of websites. In fact, I did print an upgraded i3 X-carriage set from thingiverse, and I was just going to repair this and then get rid of it, but I thought I might just try to beef it up and see if I could make it reliable.

I got some extruded aluminum T-Slot to replace the crappy acrylic frame this thing shipped with, which allowed me to get rid of some of the supports that the i3 kits ship with. And the new frame isn't going to flex and shift and force me to meticulously re-align everything every time I move it. Not to mention it looks a whole hell of a lot cooler. Also, the new frame is allowing me to increase the print area just a bit beyond the original kits dimensions, so that is a plus.
Re: All aluminum X-Carriage and ends??
July 04, 2016 03:12AM
This one?

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