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[Resolved] Y axis jumping on SC42STH38-1304AF Nema 17, Marlin 1.1.0 RC 6, 220W ATX and A4998 (video inside)

Posted by printerguykw 
Here is the link to a video of my Y Axis in action and where you can see my setup: [www.youtube.com]

Hi RepRap,

Can you please help me figure this out, I bought all the electronic components from ebay. All the electronic components except for the the wires came from China.

My Extruder motor seems to be working fine.

I tried swapping the A4998 from the extruder to the problematic Y axis but that did not make a difference.

When I measured the amp draw during while the Y motor was moving I only saw about .3 amps.

All wires have continuity

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Did you adjust the Vref from A4998? try turning it up a bit. Note, the pot might just turn round in circles, so it turns over to zero from max, if turned too far.

Wires might have continuity, but the connector has poor connection inside the pins. Wiggle the connector while operating your machine.
Thanks Veesta,

I skipped the breadboard and wired straight into the raps and everything is working well

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