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Plywood frame problem

Posted by esimacio 
Plywood frame problem
August 12, 2016 10:14AM
I ordered a Plywood frame for my Prusa i3 Rework build. Now I have a small problem with the frame (see picture) these holes are 8 mm, whereas the new rework build should have 10 mm. Has anyone of you encounter this problem ? If you had how did you solve it?

open | download - PrusaFrame.PNG (362.5 KB)
Re: Plywood frame problem
August 12, 2016 10:15AM
Moderator, so sorry, posted in the wrong place
Re: Plywood frame problem
August 12, 2016 03:46PM
I haven't encountered that problem as my frame is metal, but I can see your dilemma. You may have to contact the manufacturer of the kit and request a correct replacement. The Prusa frame plate is just too big for my laser cutter, so I can't make you a new one.
Re: Plywood frame problem
August 12, 2016 07:15PM
Details are everything.
Frame for Prusa i3 is not the same as frame for Prusa i3 Rework.
If this was sold as Rework frame, then the seller made a mistake.

If you build with plywood, you will eventually see that the plywood itself warps.
I have a plywood Y-carriage and it is difficult to level since all the corners are at the different heights. grinning smiley
In fact, i had to remove two zip ties from the ends of Y rods, because carriage was hitting them and raising the bed.

You might be able to fix those 8mm cuts if you have a bench drill.
You could use a 8mm rod to set up the drill position and then drill with 10mm bit.

Or just cut it with X-acto or carpet knife. It doesn't need to be super accurate, since the true distance between the 10mm rods is determined by the real distance between Y-carriage bearings. (Metal bearings, plastic zip ties and wooden mounting surface = not that accurate anyway)
Once you get the bed sliding properly, it is time to tighten the frame with washers against plywood and thread locking glue.
Re: Plywood frame problem
August 12, 2016 07:20PM
Also, with this frame, don't forget your rear 10mm rod needs to be longer than the standard instructions say, because it is attached to the wooden supports.
This will hopefully make the frame sturdier.

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